Sublimation is functional

Sublimation is directional

Sublimation is durable

Sublimation is vaulable

Sublimation is the process of going from a solid state to a gas without becoming a liquid. In the sublimation transfer process, when heated, dyes turn into a gas and because they are under pressure the gas is force into the polymer coating of a substrate. When the heat is removed the gas changes back into a dye, which has been transferred into the substrate.

The ink-jet sublimation is by far the most versatile, highest quality method of sublimation ever offered. It is the process that affords the widest variety of products, the best color, durability and ease of use. In a nutshell, we can reproduce your photos and place them on hundreds of objects.

They include: slate, mouse pads, key chains, glass cutting boards, clipboards, license plates, coasters and hundreds of other styles.

Looking for something special?

Using custom-made design or traditional engraving on trophies and plaques, Laser Kreations can fashion a plethora of images on your choice of material. Contact us today!